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  • Platform Issues

    Wordpress Issues

    Wordpress can be low-down some of the times and new versions can cause troubles.

  • Theme Issues

    Theme Related Issues

    Is there something extraordinary you'd like to do with your WP theme that the picks do not allow for?

  • Plug-in Issues

    Plug-in Related Issues

    WP Plug-in conflicts take place ofttimes and can be a discouraging job to fixture.

  • General Issues

    General WP Issues

    Have something that simply doesn't add up and you need it set up?

    EASY AS 1-2-3

  • Create Your Highfxmedia Ticket!

    Create HighFXMedia Ticket!

    Just Navigate our "Create HighFXMedia Ticket" section to start out the process to submit your Wordpress issues and pay the $39 to our trained WP Experts and so they've the information they need to solve it.

  • Submit your Payment!

    Submit your Payment!

    At one time we get your Payment our WP Experts will get at function. We'll resolve your Wordpress issues for the cost of $39 per issue and if we can not, we'll give back your full money.

  • We Resolve It For You!

    We Resolve It For You!

    Our WP Experts reach to resolve complete issues within twenty-four hrs as we know how important your site or web log is to you and we want it functioning smoothly. Let us do it for you!